Insured holiday

Insured holiday

This year, if you wish, it will be possible to insure your holiday, guaranteeing your deposit or the amount you have paid for the entire stay.

The policy guarantees the reimbursement of up to 100% of expenses in the event of cancellation of the trip due to Covid-19 infection, but that's not all! Additional essential guarantees are available such as:
- reimbursement for interruption of the stay due to quarantine
- reimbursement of expenses incurred after hospital stay
- indemnity for convalescence following Covid-19 infection.

In addition to this coverage, the policy also provides:

Home help for family members who stay at home
Vehicle Assistance
Rescheduling the holiday
Baggage theft
Medical expenses
Expenses for the return home / medical transport
The link will appear at the end of the online booking, or you can click below or contact us directly!

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